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This Market Detective website uses PayPal (Nasdaq:PYPL), the leading Internet payment service company, to handle all credit card transactions for purchases of this software. Read the Feel Secure with PayPal comments below to appreciate the security they guarantee for all of their transactions.

The latest Release version of Market Detective is 8.11, updated on August 21, 2014. The 8.10 and higher versions were designed to run more compatibly on the latest Vista Premium (64 bit) through Windows 7 platforms. The earlier MD version 8.05 worked in all Windows OS versions, but after Windows Vista was introduced, the original version of the non-HTML Market Detective Help menu titled MD.hlp was no longer being handled and caused an error message when called. Implementing the latest version of the help menu named MD-Help.chm, where the .chm extension indicates to the latest versions of Windows that this file contains the required HTML format needed for menu display, was the main reason for upgrading the MD version 8.05 program to MD version 8.10. The only difference between the 8.10 and 8.11 MD versions is the addition of a new topic to the MD-Help.chm help menu along with some other cosmetic enhancements. The new topic added is named Getting Market Data, and describes how to set up and use a separate data download program titled MLDownloader to get market data to chart with MD. The 8.11 MD version should also run in the earlier Microsoft Windows OS versions of Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP. If you wish, you can download this MD-Help.chm help menu separately using the link provided on the Program Features page. Just read the preceding notice about the security issue relating to .chm files before you click the link.

Download the Release version's installation file from here - SU-MD811.EXE. This file will install Release version 8.11 of Market Detective, which was updated on August 21, 2014.

Note that when you save this downloaded installation file, it will probably be saved to the Downloads directory of your computer's profile name directory. You will then need to double click it to run it. If you are a current MD user, the SU-MD810.EXE installation file allows you to preserve your current chart configuration, by displaying a dialog box that asks you to accept or reject the new installation default chart settings. This version is setup by default to use the Metastock data format. Six sample Metastock data files are charted upon initial load. However, if you get Ascii data from your vendor, you will still be able to chart it with Market Detective. After you have made your payment through Paypal, install this release version and perform the initial run by clicking on Market Detective in your Windows 'Start/All Programs' list. You will then see a dialog box requesting a User ID that you'll need to unlock the program. Send an email to me to alert me at I will then send this numerical password to your email address and it will unlock Market Detective and the program will run. Be aware that after this one time entry of this User ID password, there will be no more dialog box interruptions whenever the program is run again on the same computer. You will also be able to install this program on another computer, like your laptop, and use the same numerical User ID password to unlock and run MD on it at no extra charge.

Also note that the MD enhanced Help menu contains detailed descriptions of all the features in MD - detailed descriptions that can be displayed by clicking the Help button in the Properties dialog boxes. Six sample Metastock data files are charted upon initial load. However, if you get Ascii data from your personal vendor, you will still be able to chart it with Market Detective. For this program to run you need to have the Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 Operating System running on your PC.

Special Note: Please understand in advance that when you purchase this Market Detective (MD) release version program, you are also declaring that you had earlier downloaded the MD Demo version and worked with it to confirm that it can read whatever data you have been downloading and using with separate data vendor software. Therefore you are now fully aware of the MD program's capabilities and limitations. If you did not install and use the Demo program yet, please do so now by going to the Demo Download page before purchasing this program. By purchasing, you accept the fact that MD is an End of Day charting program with no real-time charting or money management capabilities. It is very specifically just a graphical technical analysis program. You also agree that because you have thoroughly tested MD using the Demo version, your purchase of the MD software is quite final and refundable only under very special circumstances.

Paypal Link: Click on the PayPal Buy button below to be sent to the secure "" website to make this purchase with your credit card. The current cost of this program is:

$169.00 plus 6% State tax for Florida residents.


The prior 8.04 version represents a one issue fix of the 8.03 version program. It fixes a rare but significant Metastock XMASTER file format bug. The latest XMASTER format from Metastock required a much larger memory buffer size to handle the long symbol description strings contained in the XMASTER file. Without this fix, any one of the MWD supplied data files that had symbol description strings greater than 16 bytes would crash the MD program. This bug was discovered by only one customer even even though MD handled short symbol strings from the XMASTER file correctly for a full two years.

The 8.0+ version of MD is of great significance from a security handling point of view to my customers and myself. All prior versions up to 7.53 of this program had been distributed with built-in security software that locked the program to one and only one computer based on that computer's unique Operating System, Bios, and hard disk parameters. This made the program impossible to use on another computer without first sending me its unique machine and site locking codes that prevented it from running. Only an Init code calculated by me and sent back to the new customer could unlock the program. This security system prevented piracy very well, but the downside was twofold. Every time a user changed operating systems, or had to change a hard drive, they would need to contact me and wait for a new unlocking code from me. That was always an annoying event for both the user and myself. But what was much worse as a negative was the fact that if something happened to me, like death for instance, and I was no longer around to supply a new unlocking code, the paid up owner of the program would not have a working program any more. In fact the program would be lost to the user forever. This would certainly not be fair to any customer who paid the one time fee, used the program for only a few months, was suddenly locked out due to an op system change, and found that I was no longer available to respond to their emails. Because I am thankful to my customers for their purchase of my software, and respect their right and expectation to use the program for as long as Microsoft Windows Op Systems are used, I decided to reduce the level of security to the point where any change in their local computer's configuration would not lock out the program. The new security system is now a User ID / password based system that will allow the buyer to install the program on more than one of their personal computers. This will of course make it possible for the unscrupulous to pass on their password along with my software to other, non paying users, and hence adversely affect my income. I request these buyers to please respect the fact that I'm a company of only one programmer, namely me. I'm not a Bill Gates, who is still the world's richest man even after losing multi-millions of dollars in potential sales to piracy. Besides, the unique password used can be traced back to the original purchaser, who will then of course be hunted down, arrested, tried, and executed for such an abominable crime... Hence, given that revealing the unique password of your purchased software to other parties is so illegal, I am offering a better and legal alternative. If you, as an individual, not a company, send me a new customer, who buys my program for my latest asking price of $169, and then identify yourself as the finder of the new customer to me by email, I will, after a full month's wait (to allow reasonable time for the new buyer to be verified as authentic, not fraudulent) pay you a $40 finder's fee through Paypal.

Besides creating a new password protection scheme, that allows you to run this program on more than one computer for no extra cost, the Market Detective program has other new features added, that required weeks of programming effort to create and test, and so I believe justifies the $20 bump in its price from $149 to $169. I have added another Candlestick scan feature for use by serious Candlestick traders that complements the already existing MDI Reversals scan that tests for an 'R' reversal signal on the latest price bar. MD now provides a scan for the most important 12 standard Candlestick alert patterns. These patterns are the Candlestick theory precursors to a imminent trend reversal. They include Doji, Hanging man, Hammer, Star, and Engulfing patterns. The dialog box that sets these two scans up is invoked from the File menu. The new scan patterns are also described in detail in the Help menu. The other added features are the use of List boxes for the symbol lists instead of Combo boxes to allow multiple symbol selection for the automatic charting of multiple symbols with one Apply button click. Also new to this version is the handling of the latest Metastock XMASTER file format that allows the storage of more than two thousand data files in one directory. The XMASTER index file was not handled by prior versions of MD.

Attention Investment Firms:
My Source Code is also offerred for sale to any firm interested in developing their own Technical Analysis Software. Visit my Source Code Offer page for details.

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