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Demo Download

This Market Detective (MD) program Demo version is full featured except for one specific constraint - the Demo version truncates the chart display, without modifying the database of your historical data, to a fixed prior date, at least one week before the current one. In other words, the demo charts drawn from the sample data files provided, or any new data files provided by you, will never be up to date. This restriction, however, will still allow you to view all of this program’s features at your own speed and for however long you wish. It won’t expire in 30 days. Only the purchased release version will chart to the current date. The Demo version will run immediately on any Microsoft Windows operated computer. You may therefore distribute the demo program to any one you wish. It's free advertising for the Market Detective release version. Also please be aware that another important purpose of this demo version is to allow you to determine if the End of Day charting provided by MD is satisfactory for you. More importantly, it allows you to verify whether data files you have already been using with your other charting software is compatible with the Market Detective software.

The latest Demo version of Market Detective is 8.11, updated on August 21, 2014. The 8.10 and higher versions were designed to run more compatibly on the latest Vista Premium (64 bit) through Windows 7 platforms. The earlier MD version 8.05 worked in all Windows OS versions, but after Windows Vista was introduced, the original version of the non-HTML Market Detective Help menu titled MD.hlp was no longer being handled and caused an error message when called. Implementing the latest version of the help menu named MD-Help.chm, where the .chm extension indicates to the latest versions of Windows that this file contains the required HTML format needed for menu display, was the main reason for upgrading the MD version 8.05 program to MD version 8.10. The only difference between the 8.10 and 8.11 MD versions is the addition of a new topic to the MD-Help.chm help menu along with some other cosmetic enhancements. The new topic added is named Getting Market Data, and describes how to set up and use a separate data download program titled MLDownloader to get market data to chart with MD. The 8.11 MD version should also run in the earlier Microsoft Windows OS versions of Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP. If you wish, you can download this MD-Help.chm help menu separately using the link provided on the Program Features page. Just read the preceding notice about the security issue relating to .chm files before you click the link.

Download the Demo version's installation file from here - SU-MD811DEMO.EXE.

Note that when you save this downloaded installation file, it will probably be saved to the Downloads directory of your computer's profile name directory. You will then need to double click it to run it. Also note that the MD enhanced Help menu contains detailed descriptions of all the features in MD - detailed descriptions that can be displayed by clicking the Help button in the Properties dialog boxes. Six sample Metastock data files are charted upon initial load. However, if you get Ascii data from your personal vendor, you will still be able to chart it with Market Detective. For this program to run you need to have the Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 Operating System running on your PC.

To purchase the release version go to the Purchase page.